July 15, 2009

The Optimist

So you want to know about me? Okay, well to start off I am just an average girl trying to keep a smile on my face, and on the faces of those around me. I’m that annoying person who is always trying the silver lining during a thunderstorm!

A few summers ago I became interested in blogging and caught the bug. In fact, you can read about the illness in this post. Ever since, I’ve tried to faithfully (or sporadically) post my experiences and random thoughts for the world to see. In the fall of 2009, this blog also acted as a venue to keep the world up-to-date on my three month adventure in Rome!

I am the oldest of three, nearly-a-college grad, and future world traveler. In my lifetime I've worked some crazy jobs, including building websites, waiting on tables, blogging and twittering, and hosting a children's television show. Currently I am finishing up my senior year at college - and boy is real life coming up fast! I love my school and the wonderful friends I’ve met there. When I'm not in the library doing homework (or globetrotting) I can be found in the sunshine, dancing, laughing with my housemates, or singing into my hairbrush.

I pretty much consider myself to be the luckiest person alive! I adore my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He has given me the most amazing family and friends to love. I’ve had the most amazing experiences in my life so far. And my awkwardness usually ensures that I can continue to laugh.

Thank you for visiting An Optimist’s Alcove, Hopefully my posts were able to brighten up your day!

Glad you stopped by, 

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