May 9, 2011

Post Graduation Bucket List - Take 2

Well, I've been a college grad for less than 72 hours and its been a interesting few days. 
 Entering the world of adulthood comes with its ups and downs... it's crazy to think that I'm not going back in the fall, or that my days of sitting in class and eating cafeteria food are over. Now its on to paying rent, cooking meals, and grumbling about the price of gas!

In honor of my graduation, I thought it was fitting to revisit the Post Graduation Bucket List I posted a while ago. Here's a brief update: 

(You should know: Strike - Accomplished   |   Italics - In Progress   |   Bolded - Still on the "To Do" list)
  1. Get a job (just starting with the basics here!) 
          Just accepted a position a couple of weeks ago and I start Monday! 
  2. Find some means of transporting myself to said job
          Working on this one - with any luck, I'll be the owner of a little VW Cabrio in under two weeks.
  3. Develop a budget
    Working on it, but it looks like I'll be set.
  4. Become a coupon clipper
    Thanks to my wonderful Mama, I have a little coupon collection already.
  5. Get involved in my home church
          A slight change of plans, I won't be going back to my home church regularly, but instead I'll be continuing to attend a wonderful little church close to my apartment. 
  6. Find 1 reason to smile each day
  7. Seek a community of friends
  8. Journal often
          Er... working on this one! 
  9. Run a 5K marathon
          I've been waiting for the rain to stop, great excuse huh? 
  10. Curb my appetite for new dresses (see #3)
          Well, I needed a new dress for graduation right??
  11. Stay in-touch with college friends
  12. Visit said college friends
    Less than a month until the Lyon/Wright wedding!
  13. Scrapbook my semester in Rome
  14. Take up upholstery (Call me crazy, but I want to be able to do this...and this!)
          A summer project perhaps? 
  15. Become a "regular" at a tiny, romantic coffee shop
  16. Keep fresh flowers in my place of residence
  17. Read books for fun
    Thank goodness for Amazon Prime - just a few days to wait :) 
  18. Subscribe to 1 or 2 magazines and read them faithfully 
  19. Continue my love affair with chalkboards... and maybe even act on my feelings
  20. Write notes to those I love
  21. Blog faithfully on my boring life as an adult
    Does this post count as a start? 
  22. Enjoy every cup of tea I have
  23. Master the art of wearing heals
          Well, I didn't trip on the platform at graduation and survived the muddy lawn. Check! 
  24. Get a library card and use it often
  25. Keep thinking about jobs in Europe...
          I never stop thinking about it. 2012 here I come! 
Here's to adulthood,

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