June 30, 2011

DIY ~ Floral Vintage Skirt Makeover

While snooping around the local thrift store I found this fabulous vintage skirt and fell in love with the retro floral pattern. The length of the skirt was more circa 1960 though, so I had to do some clipping and hemming to bring it up to date. After loosing ten inches and adding a new button, it was time for a fashion show!

I paired the finished product with a mustard colored tank, a grey cardigan, and some nude peep-toed, kitten heals. Plus an orange bag to bring out the colors in the skirt. Oh la la!!

Walking on sunshine,


  1. Love it!! Super cute :)
    ~your sister <3

  2. Great job sweetie, looks terrific!!
    Love mom oxoxo...

  3. Cute! You have such an eye for that stuff... When are we going to open our shop? :)