July 27, 2011

Expecting A Call?

Recently I have fallen in love with all things vintage, and unfortunately for my bank account, a new little antique store has opened up right across the street. With new items coming in every week, exploring has become one of my favorite pass times. Just a few days ago I walked in to find this piece and it was love at first sight.

Who wouldn't fall for this cute little phone bench? I wonder who has used it and what sort of important calls were made from that incredible orange seat!

Currently I'm doing some research on restoring antiques because, as flashy as the orange-and-nautical motif is, I think it needs a little updating... will post photos of the finished product, but I just couldn't wait till then to share my find!

Ring, Riiinnnnng,

1 comment:

  1. Eek! I am so excited to return to our apartment and see this little darling. :) Good find. <3