April 23, 2011

Springtime and Zombies and Commencement – Oh My!!

What a crazy semester this has been. It’s the last of my college career, and probably the best so far. It has been a rough ride in places, but I've made the best friends I have ever had and found myself being stretched and growing in so many ways.

Graduation is going to be bitter sweet. In some ways I cannot wait to get off campus and away from school. The distance will be much needed. But, of course there are going to be things I’ll miss. My housemates, classes, theater… I’m going through theater withdraw already actually.

It has been wonderful to get involved in theater again. First with the Cherry Orchard and then the student directed one-acts. Special thanks to Sofia for allowing me to be part of her pantomimes and to Kevin for writing the best Zombie script this side of Greenfield! As a shy freshman I would have never guessed I’d be painting my face like a mime and running through the cafeteria as part of a Zombie flash mob. It’s been fantastic!

And then there are my housemates. Ten wonderful girls that have made this year incredible. How could I have made it without all of you? J

So many great memories, but the future is looking promising too. I have a little apartment with a few pieces of furniture and I’m looking forward to the time when it will feel like home. A job is in the works and pretty soon I’ll be the owner of my very own vehicle.

Bitter-sweet… so many things to be sorry to leave, and so much to be excited about in the future.

So much thinking,

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  1. I don't know who this Kevin guy is, but he sounds awesome!