February 25, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Its been kind of a blue day today, so to regain some optimism I decided to steal this great idea from another blog I like, and write about some of my current obsessions!

1. Flats - Black, brown, purple, sparkles, open-toed, moccasins, sandals...basically, I'm in love with any type of flat shoe!

2. Coffee - Honestly, it has been my saving grace this semester. How else would I survive an 8am class, three days a week, without my freshly brewed cup-o-joe? Top it off with some vanilla-caramel creamer and life is oh sooo good. 

3. Pearls - Especially when they're worn by Audrey Hepburn. Oversized pearl earings might just be my favorite accessory at the moment. The big ones are fake of course, but there is nothing like taking my string of real pearls out for an evening.  

4. Impressionism - Maybe it was growing up with a pair of artists for parents, maybe I'm bitter because I  could never master realism, or maybe its just because real life sucks sometimes and I wanted an idealistic view of the world - either way, I love keeping company with Monet and van Gogh!  

5. Big Sunglasses - Summer, winter, fall or spring, sunglasses are a favorite accessory. What I dislike is spending an arm and a leg on my fashio--I mean, eye protection. Recently, I discovered that thrift stores are a fantastic solution. Now if I could just decided which pair to wear...

6. Fiestaware - A recent obsession of mine, I love the idea of having a cabinet full of colorful dishes. I feel like life would be a little bit better every time I set the table! Definitely see myself owning some place settings - minus the silverware and glassware (yuck!)  

7. White Roses - In Europe, people just walk around with flowers, buy them off the street, or give them away for no particular occasion. That must have been when I discovered my passion for roses, but not just any roses, the white ones.  

Walkin' on sunshine, 

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